Hammerhead User Manuals

We offer 100% off the shelf spare parts back up for all our products. UK delivery is available on a next day service. On a weekly basis we ship pretty much anywhere and everywhere in the world in less than 5 days.

We have a large dedicated warehouse to store in excess of 100,000 parts. We also have multiple expert staff members that run the spare parts service.

Looking for parts for your Hammerhead buggy but unsure which part you need? Simply click on the link below for your vehicle to download the parts manual.

If you are still unsure or you need any technical support, please get in touch with us.


 Vehicle Owners Manual Parts Manual
GTS-250 Download Download
R-150 Download Download
GTS-150 w/ F/N/R Download Download
GL-150 Download Download
HH MudHead Download Download
HH Torpedo Download Download




 Vehicle Owners Manual Parts Manual
Titan 500 Download Download
Charger LSV Download Download
SS-150 Download X
SS-250 Download X
GT-250 Download Download
GT-200 X X
GTS-150 F/R Only X Download
Standard 150 X X
GT-150 Download X
MT-150/Metal Motorsports 150 X Download
Junior 150 X X
Rave 150 Download Download
Dominator 80 X Download
80T 6.5HP Download X
Shark 5.5HP Download X
Mini HammerHead X X
Stingray Kit Kart X Download
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